Welcome 🙏🏼 Great to have you visit the page!
Forest Yogi Minds incorporates children’s yoga and mindfulness with an element of forest schools which is nature based learning.
Nature for me is a key component to a more peaceful and calm mind and provides a sense of well-being. This combined with yoga and mindfulness is the perfect combination.
Having worked with children for 25 years I felt there was a need for more than just regular teaching in school; a need to address the whole child and well-being and provide life skills that help across all elements of life.
I felt drawn to and have now completed children’s mindfulness training with The British Mindfulness Institute as well as being a rainbow kids yoga teacher enabling me to teach 2 to 18 years and their families.
I’m passionate about providing yoga and mindfulness experiences for children and their families in the local community; providing an open minded, creative space to express themselves and grow, connecting together as families and community as well as making it fun!
Yoga and mindfulness have many benefits which we will explore, learn about and indeed grow together week by week.
Last of all, as a primary teacher with 15 years experience I wish to provide life skills which will filter through every element of life as children grow and provide FUN sessions that make people smile, enjoy and feel connected.
Life’s about living, loving and enjoying the NOW… so… Let’s grow together! 🌈🙏🏼

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